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No other moving company compares to the excellent service provided by Movers.

  • Samantha Ludden

Movers did an excellent job for us, they exceeded all expectations by handling everything flawlessly, punctually and without any harm to our belongings.

  • Helen Douglas

Extraordinarily accomplished and swift in responding to requests while obtaining an estimate- Precisely when expected during the scheduled day of moving, transporting possessions hastily though thoroughly.

  • N. Vargas

Finding the right people for moving my office gear was easy - I went with ChelseaRemovals who worked quickly, smoothly and kept a gentle grip on all my stuff.

  • Mitch C.

Removal Company renders affordable and competent moving services. The outcome was absolutely phenomenal so if another move is necessary, they'll be my go-to option once more.

  • Maisie

ChelseaRemovals did an office removal for me. They did a fine job and didn't cost too much.

  • Dana Wetherby

Cannot day enough good things about Movers removals. Their team are so helpful, price was great, and the service was excellent.

  • Didi Cornell

Their movers are professional and efficient. Movers Chelsea deliver their promises and offer an affordable cost. Try them.

  • Rose Wagner

I have my own office where I work and I wanted to move to a larger building. I had quite a few things to move that I probably would have managed alone but getting things out of one building and into another involved stairs. There were several flights of stairs that I'd have to traverse with all of my belongings and I knew I couldn't do this myself. This is why I hired Moving Firm and they did it for me. There were no problems, delays, injuries or broken goods, so my move was perfect.

  • Britney Marsh

I've never had such a smooth moving experience and it was all thanks to Removal Company. They provide all the packing services you could need. They gave me advice, materials and sent a team around to help me. Every item was sorted and packed in no time, ensuring that my move went on time and that all my things were safe.

  • Brenda Williams

I've lived in the local area for many years and so I was already familiar with Removal Company when it came to my house move. They're known to be the most professional and best value removals company around and they certainly were! I did get some quotes from others for the sake of comparison but this company were well below the others in price. Because I've heard their reputation for customer services, I booked them and can safely say I was totally delighted with their removals service.

  • Michael M.

As much as I love the excitement of moving to a new home, the stress often gets me down. I've used removal companies in the past, but it wasn't until I found Moving Firm that I've actually had a really easy and stress-free move. I chose the man-with-a-van service from this company, and not only did I get an experienced and chatty mover, but I got a really good-sized van too. My mover worked efficiently and quickly, making sure everything was done without problems. A really reliable service that I would recommend!

  • Bethany N.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at ChelseaRemovals but especially the team that worked on my removal project (they know who they are!) for making the process seem a lot easier than it really was. They made it seem like an effortless job, but executed it to an extremely high standard, so thanks again.

  • Ricky V.

I was impressed with the office removals service I used recently to move my office equipment and stock. ChelseaRemovals handled it with care and caution, but did it really quickly. The cost was fair and worth the money. Nothing was broken it all arrived at my new office on time for opening. A great team of workers who were thorough and careful!

  • Alice W.

So grateful these guys came along to help me with my removals! I have always found moving house to be a very stressful experience, but with ChelseaRemovals everything went much easier than my previous removals. I am very happy with the fact that I could hire them and, to be completely honest, I think their fee was much below everything else on the market too. Great job, thank you!

  • Julienne M.

I run a home business where I make fiddles. This means I have a lot of materials and equipment specific to this industry. A lot of the items are valuable and quite fragile. When I was moving house, I was concerned about how I would pack these. I got in touch with ChelseaRemovals and they were able to provide me with some great packing materials to keep everything safe. I felt really secure that nothing would be damaged during the move.

  • Katelyn H.

My parents were moving house and I couldn't be there to help him, so I hired ChelseaRemovals to assist with the move. Obviously my parents have accumulated a lot of things over twenty years, so there was so much to pack and move but the moving team was so quick and efficient, and above all, so friendly that neither my parents nor I were worried in the least about moving houses. The shift was so smooth that they now recommend them to all their friends.

  • Janice K.

I was worried about my daughter's moving day. She's a student and, like me, she's not great when it comes to moving. Unfortunately I couldn't be there for her move, so I thought hiring a student moving service would be the next best thing! ChelseaRemovals did an excellent job, providing a very reliable service that showed off their experience in the field. My daughter moved without anything going wrong and she says she was over the moon with this service! Thanks for all of the help!

  • Robbie G.

I first discovered ChelseaRemovals when I had to get help with moving my furniture to my new home. Most of my furniture is antique and some items are worth a lot of money. That's why I needed a company who specialize in furniture removals rather than just a general removal company. I was very happy that I chose them and their dedicated approach left me feeling confident that my beloved furniture would be moved safely and securely to my new address.

  • D. Warrington

Great help once again from ChelseaRemovals. We have worked with them several times now across several office moves and I must say that there is no one I would rather work with when it comes to my business. As our company grows, we've expanded and so on and each time, they've been there to make sure that our work is not inhibited by the move itself. They offer us expert help and make sure that the cost is low: pretty much we (or anyone) could ever hope to get from a moving company. Big thanks from all of us.

  • Heather Keller

ChelseaRemovals are very good value for money indeed. They were so flexible and accommodating that I only felt embarrassed making slight changes to the initial moving plan once or twice. They quickly responded to requests for additional services like packing, and did so at extremely short notice! They didn't even need 24 hours advance warning to get things prepared and ready for us! They gave us an estimate over the phone and promised us the final price wouldn't exceed this, which it didn't! The team they assigned us were very helpful and very friendly - it was a total pleasure!

  • Joseph Stolling

I was so impressed by what ChelseaRemovals had to offer. They made all the difference to me and made sure that they were always there to help, no matter how big or heavy the particular issue might be. I hate moving home and it is one of my least favourite things in the world, but for the very first time I was quite relaxed and assured that everything was going to be fine. I put this down to the company's ability to make sure that I got the very best solutions at all times and the help from them was excellent.

  • Cynthia Jenkins

Knowing how and when to book a more expensive removals company in order to get the job done more efficiently and safely is difficult. It is not really an industry that anyone knows a huge amount about, which can leave you feeling a little helpless as to how you should proceed with the whole thing. I found that rather than working by price, working by gut reaction to the way in which a firm deals with you on the phone is the best plan, and with ChelseaRemovals I found myself drawn towards their manners and ability. One great removal later, I am happy to recommend them to everyone who will listen to me whittle on about them!

  • Lynette Jennings

I didn't have a huge amount of money to put towards my removal services, but I needed to find a man and a van who could help me with my house move. I heard about ChelseaRemovals through a removal website, and I read some fantastic reviews that really sparked my interest. I called the company and found the man and a van that I was hoping for! Professional, efficient, affordable...this removal company was everything that I needed and more, and I couldn't be more pleased with the services I received! Thank you all so much for making my moving day quick and easy!

  • Magdalena

We wanted to move home but were quite worried about the process. It's been a long while since we moved, but the last time we did there were quite a few issues which put us off. As such, I can definitely say that we were a bit trepid about who we hired when it came to our latest move. Someone put us in touch with ChelseaRemovals, however, and from then on everything seemed easy. They guided us through the process and made sure to provide extra help here and there when we needed it. A really great help and thanks again.

  • Louis

It doesn't seem to matter what you have that needs to be moved, ChelseaRemovals can just come along and make sure that you get a great service. After my brother talked about them with such regard, I can honestly say that I was unsure of how they could measure up. We've got a few tricky items around the house, heavy furniture and the like and I was curious to see how they would get them moved while keeping everything safe. I must safe that they passed with flying colours and I could not be happier.

  • Mark Watson

I really don't think you will meet a more honest and professional team than the people running ChelseaRemovals's van hire service. They know their fleet, which is no small feat because they have a lot of vans! I picked out a vehicle that was fit for purpose (I was delivering a couple of large packages and wanted a small, nippy run-around) and I was behind the wheel and driving out of the centre within a few minutes. Seriously efficient service, made even better by the price and the quality of the vehicle. It was cheap as chips and there wasn't a scratch on the van! Brilliant.

  • Nigel E.

I'm just going to mention a really specific need we had that ChelseaRemovals met perfectly. I have quite a large collection of art, statues and the like which we were struggling to figure out how to move quickly and easily when we bought a new house. Of all the companies I called, only one was able to provide me with a great plan and then carry it out seamlessly. So whereas most people are just moving boxes, this company were able to provide quiet and unusual service in an effortless manner, which really made the difference when it came to moving home.

  • Teresa S.

I wanted to find a really large removal van that would be able to handle a lot of things because my wife and I were moving quite far away, and we wanted to move in just one easy and fast trip. After looking at various removals services we finally found ChelseaRemovals, who were offering just what we were looking for very affordable prices. We were able to move very quickly indeed and it was all thanks to this company! We've told all our friends about the friendly service which can't be faulted, and we can't complain about the prices either!

  • Steve P.

Understanding the processes involved in moving house is a bit of a mystery to me, I tend to let my husband get on with it, but he tends to be angry about something or other after the move, whether it is a breakage or a price or something else. This time round however, I found that he had no complaints, so I figured it was worth mentioning that we had a good experience in a review on here! ChelseaRemovals get ten out of ten in the ‘Mr Morgan' test for removals companies, as he had only great things to say!

  • Brenda Morgan

I hired ChelseaRemovals to execute my apartment removals. I didn't have much stuff, but I needed a professional moving company to pack and transport the belongings I did have. I was so impressed with their service, they were reliable and friendly. The company offered me a range of different size vehicles to choose from. I found one that was just the right size for my move. I only had to pay for the services I needed. Their staff were able to pack and load my belongings into the van and I was moving in that very same day. They were a great team.

  • Christine Umar

Here's hoping that you will use ChelseaRemovals on your next move. They made my recent move so much easier and faster that I really could not have asked for any more from them! You will no doubt find that you get quite bogged down in sorting your move out, but with a great removals company on your side, you can always rely on them to get things done in a clever and efficient way. In all honesty, I don't have the experience to get things sorted like they do, so it was great having them around to help out throughout the whole removal process.

  • Glenn B.

Not having my husband around for the removal this time made things a lot scarier. My son helped me find the team from ChelseaRemovals and they assured me over the phone that they would do everything within their power to ensure that the move would not be as stressful as I was worrying it would be. Their packing service took a lot of pressure off of my, and I found that the team were really nice to be around, even during the hustle and bustle of the move day itself! Even my son was impressed by their service, so thank you to all there for such an easy move.

  • Fredia G.

I was very happy with how well the removal I recently undertook went. The company that helped me were called ChelseaRemovals and they really were excellent. I would recommend them to anyone, as they were very diligent, hardworking and polite. There was no damages to my house, nor my belongings, and the places were left clean and tidy once the workers had left. Thank you very much to all at the firm who helped to make my removal so easy and efficient, it was well worth the price.

  • Ivan M.

I'm happy to say that ChelseaRemovals were great on our recent move. It was a great relief to have a team on board who were well prepared and great with getting us through the planning stages, as we were dreading trying to sort out so many different bits and pieces that need doing! The guys were polite and friendly and very respectful of the house; laying down all of the protective plastic and the like to save the carpets, and nothing got knocked about too badly, so there was nothing to complain about. Nice work!

  • Steve Taylor

To be honest, I hate moving house. It's a nightmare, and i work nightshifts, so it's a proper inconvenience. In a way, I was dreading having a load of chirpy young removers running about the house, but the team from ChelseaRemovals were respectful of my disposition, and made sure that I was well looked after, despite how stressed I was. There is not much more I could have asked of the guys, so thanks to them and all involved in the process, it was quick, simple, and easy in every way, not much more I could ask for really!

  • Stevie W.

If you are stuck for how to move, and as to whether you need a removals company or not, it is well worth giving the team over at ChelseaRemovals a call. The guys there will be able to let you know whether they can give you a service that meets your requirements, and if not, how to proceed. They are a lovely bunch who really made me feel like my move was in the hands of those who knew a lot about the industry and what they were doing. Great work!

  • Liv Grant

When I moved into my new apartment, ChelseaRemovals helped me move all my personal belongings and delivered my brand new furniture. Their customer service was excellent and everything was done quickly and efficiently. My family have had bad experiences with removal companies, with things being lost or broken, but that didn't happen to me. Everything was so well organised that I had no issue in finding anything when I unpacked my stuff, and all my belongings were packed up and handled with care, which ensured that nothing was damaged or marked. I'd definitely recommend this company!

  • Liz

My partner and I finally decided to take that BIG step and... move in together(!!!) last month. This was a first for both of us so we were quite nervous about the whole thing. Luckily for us Movers were extremely helpful and professional. They helped us move from both of our previous homes with no fuss and made the whole day kind of fun! We will definitely always remember our moving day for all the right reasons and we have these guys to thank for it. If you're considering moving soon and want a great, easy time of it then definitely give them a call asap!

  • Lawrence Johnson

Trying to move home while juggling parental and professional responsibilities is a difficult task. It requires a really good removal company and luckily we found just the right team. Movers was able to provide us with customized service options at an affordable price. I wasn't able to help much with the move, but they provided full-service and did everything from packing to loading. They had all the options my family needed to have a comfortable moving process. I couldn't chosen a better removal company.

  • Haydon Q.

I hired Movers for my home move as I was stressed at even the thought of doing it myself. I have professional responsibilities and I am a parent so there were lots of arrangements to make beforehand to ensure that every aspect of the move went smoothly. I didn't have time to do any packing myself and really needed a full-service company. I was so happy to work with Movers as they provided service options that really met my needs. They were reliable and convenient. They didn't disrupt my schedule as they were packing and loading. Thanks for the help!

  • Samantha R.

I have had some difficult removal companies in the past as I move constantly for work. I was so thrilled to finally have a reliable and efficient moving company who were professional and reliable. All the staff members were friendly and they really knew how to plan the relocation. And, their prices were fantastic! I was so impressed at what a high quality job they did, and it didn't break the bank! If you're on a budget, then definitely call Removal Company for your removal service!

  • Leo U

I hired Movers Chelsea for my business relocation knowing there was a lot to organize and arrange before the move-out day. I was worried that it would be hard to keep up the business routine, but this company really surprised me with their accommodating services. They worked when my business wasn't working. And they kept the move organized, which helped to re-assemble the office on move-in day and get back to work! If you are moving an office, I would definitely recommend them, as they are aware of business obligations and really work to ensure that the move is comfortable for you. They provided a job well done!

  • Sylvia M

I lived in a small flat so when I decided to move I didn't think I would have much problem. I thought I would be able to a pack, carry and transport everything myself and that there was no need for a removal company. I realised this was not the case though, as I had more things than I thought. I called ChelseaRemovals to see if I could at least get some advice but they did more than that. They sent a man with a van and the made the process quicker and simpler than I could have ever imagined.

  • Travis Turner

In order to improve my business, I decided to setup in a new office building but I had difficulty finding time to get it all done. I managed to get a small window to do so, but I couldn't do it myself. I was told about Removals by a co-worker, so I called them. I was amazed at what they did for me, as they packed and transported all my office supplies, including furniture. My new firm was all set to go within a few days and businesses has never been better, thanks to their hard work.

  • S. Jenkins

I wanted to use this review as a way to thank Movers for everything they did for my mum. She was having a difficult time getting her move sorted and even my help wasn't enough. We decided it was best to call in some professional support and dos we contacted Movers. Their team were able to perform every task from packing, heavy lifting and transportation. They showed care and professionalism when talking to my mum and with her belongings so she got the move we both wanted. I want to express my gratitude to them from both her and myself.

  • R. Thornton

When I first called ChelseaRemovals, I didn't know if they would be there for me. I expected that they would show little regard to my goods or circumstances. This was not the case though, as I discovered when I began talking with them. Their operators wanted to know about my move and what they could do for me. This meant I got a customised experience that saw to my need, as well as quote that reflected only the work they did for me. A great service with a personal touch.

  • Julia M.

I was moving from a flat to a dorm nearer to my university so I needed help in getting everything there. I didn't have that much to take, but it was still too much for me to handle alone. I called Movers and requested their Man and Van service. They sent me a skilled individual who could pack and lift all my stuff and then transport it there in no time. I had everything with me in my new flat, all intact. I barely had to anything but was rewarded with a great move.

  • Gwen

I had always been apprehensive about calling a removal company for help because I was not sure if I would be able to trust them. I would feel worried as I let them into my home and allowed to handle my belongings. I knew I could not complete my upcoming removal without support so I took a chance and called Removals. They were not what I expected because they were all friendly, professional and careful, proving that they could be trusted. They were gentle with my goods and showed me respect. They have completely changed my opinions of removal firms and I would contact them again for another move.

  • Emma

My move had been something I was looking forward to and dreading in equal measure. I had been eager to get to my new address but I didn't look forward to all the work I had to do. I had move home several years ago and had great difficulty packing and carrying anything so I wasn't keen and starting. I then decided to look into removal firms and Removals were far the best. They tackled my removal in no time and I didn't have to do a thing. With them, I'll never have to worry about a move ever again.

  • T. Green

I knew next to nothing about moving home, so when I found myself relocating to a new address I was worried. I didn't know what to do, what I'd need or where to begin. I came across Removal Company and I'm very lucky I did. They told me everything I needed to know, from how to pack my goods, what receives I need and much more. They filled me in on all aspects of my removal and it didn't cost me a thing. A great service for a great price.

  • D. Hargreaves

The staff at ChelseaRemovals was by far the most professional members of staff I have seen employed by a removal company. I could easily tell that the company has spent time and money on giving these members of staff the appropriate training. The speed and level that their work was completed at blew my socks off! I never thought that someone could get through all my clutter as quickly as they did. They truly are a bunch of roses in my flower garden!

  • Scarlett T.

What is perfection? I'll tell you. Perfection is when two members of staff can pack up an entire 2 bedroom house in a few days. Perfection is when staff is friendly and genuinely wants to help. Perfection is when you, as a client are treated with respect and dignity. Respect is having your precious belongings handled in a safe manner that is not going to damage or break them. Respect is being in charge of your own removal, even when you are not doing anything active. Perfection is Removals.

  • Matty X.

Each and every member of your staff is professional and friendly. I remember talking to a lovely woman on the phone the very first time I called. She assisted me from A to Z, allowing me to choose the services that I wanted. She did not patronise me and answered all the questions that troubled me. Other members of staff that were a part of my removal were also a delight to be around. They were pleasant, polite and very professional. Hats off to Removals for knowing how to train a good work force and thank you to everyone for being so great!

  • Stacy P.

ChelseaRemovals are by far the best removal company I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I am constantly moving from place to place due to the nature of my work and have worked with many removal companies in the past. I must say that all of the other removal companies do not even come close to ChelseaRemovals. I have found a new favourite and am going to stick with them as for as long as I am going to be moving around. Everything about them is perfect and I could not ask for more!

  • Edwin L.

My son and his family were returning from overseas and required storage for the delivery they were sending back ahead of them. I suggested Movers as I had used them and thought they would be able to help. We called and explained the situation and they were able to oblige. Movers were able to offer safe and secure storage, at a good price. On the day the shipment arrived and everything was stored safely by an expert team of workers. Great job and thanks. I highly recommend this removal company to anyone wanting a reliable removal service. Great job guys! Thanks a lot!

  • Sylvia Boon

Once again, a great service provided by Removal Company. I have hired this removals company more than three times and I am still just as happy with them. For me, what makes them stand apart from other removal companies is that they treat their clients well and in my opinion, few companies actually do that these days. I think it is remarkable how professional and dependable they are. I honestly think this company is fantastic and I can guarantee you will be just as pleased with them as I was. I have recommended this company to everyone I know and I recommend them to you as well. I am certain you will be impressed with them.

  • Susan Blue

Finding a reliable removals company you can trust can be quite tricky. Thanks to a friend of mine, I became familiar with a superb removals company known as Removals. Right from the very beginning, when I called them up, I was extremely impressed with their phone manner and I just knew I had to book a date with them. From there, everything went well, just as I'd expected. They were so professional throughout the move - I was over the moon. Overall, this is a great removals company that I recommend highly.

  • Casey Hart

Thanks for helping my family and I move to our new home in the country. Thanks to your excellent team of movers, we managed to have any easy and smooth move with very few blips. My wife and I were relieved that the kids didn't play up too much and that is down to the removal guys who did the loading and unloading our belongings, so that we could entertain the kids, whilst they worked. We really can't express how happy we are with your service. Thanks once again.

  • Harry Swan

Movers Chelsea is a trustworthy and flexible removals company you can rely on for your every moving need. What makes them stand out from the rest is that they offer personalised moving packages that are created to ensure that your every need and requirement is met. And they charge no extra for this. On moving day, all went smoothly and it wasn't at all hectic. The lads worked hard and even turned down the drink and refreshments I'd offered to them. I was thoroughly impressed with them and their work ethic. All in all, a brilliant removals company worth hiring.

  • Anne Gardner

This is the second time I've used the removal services of Movers. Unlike other removal companies I am familiar with, they still treat me well and with complete respect. I love the fact that they maintain a personal relationship with clients instead of that distancing effect most large commercial companies maintain. I get on really well with all the staff at Movers. The administrative team and the removal team are really polite and friendly. Every member of the team is helpful and hardworking. I would like to say thank you to everyone one of you for your endless enthusiasm.

  • Anna Bridgewater

Moving areas because of work is stressful enough, but I also had to move home too. So I needed a trustworthy company to move my valued possessions. My company used Movers regularly to relocate other workers, so I contacted them for further details. They provided all the details for the move and we arranged a date and time. They arrived dead on time and began work immediately. They were careful and thorough with my belongings, and never stopped until it was all packed on the lorry. Wonderful work guys.

  • Barry Jones

I needed to move office urgently a few weeks ago and I really did not have a clue who to turn to. I wasn't at all familiar with removal companies and I didn't know which one was the best to choose. In the end, I called up a few companies and found that Removal Company was the only company willing to move my belongings urgently. When the team arrived the following day, they got straight to work, started sorting out my office equipment and began loading them onto the van. All my expensive items were well handled and nothing got damaged, thankfully. This is indeed a fantastic company worth hiring.

  • Nick Prosser

I work all the time which means I have little time for anything else. But a few weeks ago I was moving to a new flat and I needed a lot of help with the move. My friend recommended Movers Chelsea so I rang them up and they instantly impressed me. Customer service was, by far, the best I had ever come across and I was really pleased with the services they offered. They even offer personalised moving packages. Movers Chelsea did everything for me; the planning, the packing and the removals. I didn't even have to there when they did the packing. They just asked for my keys and let themselves in and out. This is a very trustworthy, professional company worth hiring.

  • Vicky Reacher

I've moved with Removal Company dozens of times and every move has gone smoothly. I like the fact that they maintain their high standards. That's what keeps me returning to them for their services. It is hard to find a good removals company you can rely on. You can never really know for sure how good they are until the day of the move. I'm really glad I've found Removal Company and I'll certainly be using them for forever. To anyone contemplating moving with them, stop hesitating and book a date! Don't miss out!

  • Hadley

Just a day ago, I needed a moving company urgently to help move my items from one office to another. After calling dozens of companies, it was looking doubtful that I'd find someone to move my items under such short notice. My boss told me to call Removal Company. Luckily, they could fit me in, no problem. I was very impressed with their service and even more impressed that they didn't add an extra fee to the overall price because of the short notice. I have recommended Removal Company to all my work colleagues. I am sincerely happy with them.

  • Luke

There is no other company that I would hire again or recommend because Removals is my chosen company when dealing with anything related to relocating and moving belongings. I hired them to relocate my commercial items and they did the job better than I could have imagined. The team work well together and are also friendly and professional as well, which made the whole situation so much more comfortable and pleasant.

  • Cassandra

This was the first time that I have moved and found that I didn't exceed my budget on the removal and moving costs. In the past, although I have never really had a bad experience, I have always found the whole relocation to be rather costly and I often have to add on extra money in order to pay for the removal services and the company that I have hired to do the task. I have never minded paying a little bit extra for high quality relocation services, but if you can get the same services for cheaper who wouldn't switch to using a new, cheaper and equally professional firm?! I hired Removal Company and they were absolutely fantastic! Real prices for real services and real people!

  • Yaesha

My student move went very well and the process of relocating my items didn't cause me any inconvenience and it certainly did not interfere with my studies and university life. Moving out of the area where I have lived my entire life was a huge step but step-by-step it became manageable and the fact that the removal cost was very good value thanks to Movers Chelsea I didn't spend as much as I had thought! Thank you people!

  • George

For a professional removals company that you can rely on, I would recommend Removals. I recently moved to my new home with this company and was extremely pleased with the great services that they offered me and they also undertook my relocation with a lot of care and in an efficient way too. Should I relocate in the future, I would only think of choosing this company and for this reason, I had kept their contact details and phone number on hand!

  • Cassy R.

I am amazed at just how outstanding ChelseaRemovals is. This is one removals company that you must have the contact details for. They were always happy to hear from me whenever I needed to contact them and they helped me to move happily and calmly in to my new home. Fantastic job! I had got a number of quotes on different relocation companies and the packages that they offer however, this company offered the best prices and overall deals!

  • Sophie K.

The main thing I hate about moving is having to trust the removal company with all your precious belongings. I hate it! I have so many valuable things that I adore - trusting strangers with these is painful. Out of luck, I came across Movers and decided to book a date with them. I asked them to be gentle with my things and they absolutely were. The removal men worked fast but carefully. They took their time on the boxes I requested. I didn't even pay any extra for this. It was great! So thanks Movers for taking care of my things!!!

  • Tiffany

We want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Removal Company for your endlessly brilliant service. Your patience, politeness and reliability did not go unnoticed. We really appreciate all that you have done for us and hope that you will accept us again as clients the next time we move. Whilst we're here, we'd also like to tell anyone contemplating moving with Removal Company that you won't find another company around that treat you as well as they do. Their service is remarkable and great value for money.

  • Anthony and Claire

I have passed on the contact details of and nbsp; Removal Company over a dozen times or more since I booked them to undertake my recent move. They were the best team out of a list of others and were by far the most professional. They say that they are experienced, reliable and efficient and I was quite shocked to learn that they were honest about everything they said. They had all of the qualities of a great removals company and I can and rsquo;t understand now why others can and rsquo;t be like them!

  • Billy L.

Having just moved to my new home, I can say with confidence that I have successfully survived my first relocation. I have no former experience with removals but this was simple and straight forward. The removals men were hard working and friendly and the office personnel were extremely helpful and professional. I was unsure about leaving my personal belongings with a team of people who I didn and rsquo;t know, but of course that is what moving is all about. Thanks a lot team!

  • Chai Lee

Most of the time removal companies never do what they say they will do. They are one of the few types of companies that do what they promise and stick to their word! I am really pleased that I chose this company to undertake my house move and because of this I was able to relocate without having any stress or feeling anxious about the possible things that could go wrong. Me and all the family are now happy and settled at our new home so I am really satisfied with and nbsp; Removals for making this possible.

  • Caroline

Movers was recommended as a high quality and trustworthy movers and having used their wonderful services four times now I have to admit that they are everything I was told they were in the first place. I have already recommended them to all of my friends.

  • N. Wilson

Removals and their team did a fantastic job packing, loading and unloading all of my items. Their customer support were also great - they were there for me every time I called. If anyone needs a dependable moving company, give them a call.

  • T. Hartley

What can I say but thank you! Movers are really a great company, the people who work there are the most helpful and efficient I have ever worked with. Their customer support operator, Wendy, was always there if I needed help!

  • U. Pamedii

I had a local move and Movers Chelsea organized everything for me. I couldn't believe that moving could be so easy. The movers were well-equipped, good-mannered and capable. They got the job done without any hassle. Highly recommended!

  • P. Sardoso

Removals is the best company for removals! I had a very bad experience with moving companies before and this time I was more than happy to have such professionals at my home. All of my items arrived in perfect condition. Best Regards!

  • T. Blemens

A friend of mine recommended the storage services of Removal Company and I contacted them for a quote. The operator on the phone was polite and very competent, and she explained the whole procedure to me ahead of time. The movers were fantastic - they got everything to fit in the storage unit I had rented. Highly recommended!

  • F. Nosque

I highly recommend ChelseaRemovals, because they are amazing. They did my last removal in less than half of the quoted time. They worked steadily and treated my possessions with nothing but care. I am happy with the whole process.

  • P. Knekht

Removal Company met all my expectations with no problems. They delivered all my possessions on time and in perfect shape. I would definitely recommend their services to all of my friends and family. Thank you very much once again!

  • E. Abell

I decided to use ChelseaRemovals at the recommendation of my friend and I am so glad I did. Their price was very reasonable and there were no hidden charges. Their customer support is always very helpful as well. Overall, it was a great experience!

  • F. Dough

I needed to move to Dublin to be nearer to my grandchildren, so I wanted to use a professional moving services to help me. I contacted a couple of companies, but not all of them seemed to be reliable. The one which most impressed me was ChelseaRemovals. They seemed even more professional on the day of my move because everything was so well organised. I am so happy I used ChelseaRemovals.

  • J. Bachorova

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your hard work and help, Removal Company. Our moving crew was very skilled and professional. I have already recommended your services to a friend of mine. Once again - thank you!

  • G. Sato

A friend of mine recommended Removal Company for my local move last week, and I was very happy with their services. They finished the whole moving process very fast and I felt like they really cared about my items. I wish I had known about them when I moved from Germany three months ago.

  • L. Dreshcher

I never write reviews, but this time I felt obligated to do it. I want to share my great positive experience with Movers. They helped me move from my old house to a new one just across the street. The crew were very well organized and they followed all of my instructions. I would recommend them to all of you who need moving services.

  • C. Rahman

The moving crew were fantastic. I had 4 men and a truck. They started on time and worked without a single break until the job was completed. They even double wrapped some of my items to prevent any damage. Everything arrived at my new place in perfect condition. Best regards!

  • H. Caddock

A friend of mine recommended the services of ChelseaRemovals for my local move. Two movers arrived on time on the day of my move and they were very well prepared. They were also strong, because they moved my heavy packed boxes with no fuss. Everything went fine thanks to these great guys. Thank you very much!

  • F. Gibson

I hired ChelseaRemovals to help me move from Leeds to London. I can honestly say they are a very reputable and affordable moving company. The moving crew were polite and got my possessions moved and delivered on time. I highly recommend them.

  • D. Bipen

I want to share my good experience with Movers as well. They were a real money-saver for me. I didn't have to wait a single minute because the moving men were right on time. I didn't have to bother about anything at all because they wrapped everything, even parts of my walls, making sure they weren't going to scratch them. I was very happy and pleased with their services. Thank you!

  • Laura Malaki

Our office relocation went excellent from start to finish with the great services of Removal Company. The moving crew was very hard working and organized. This is the best company I have ever dealt with for a removal.

  • K. Mirza

I was amazed and very pleased with the Removal Company team. I just got my delivery today and everything is in perfect shape. I will definitely use them again for my next relocation. Thank you very much!

  • S. Toptani

ChelseaRemovals helped me with my office relocation from East London to West London. They did the job in just 5 hours and I was impressed by the speed with which they worked. They were really nice people to work with. I will definitely use their services again.

  • L. Chun

Due to my work I had to relocate my office three times in the past two years. I used the services of Movers each time. I am planning to relocate my office next month again and I have already booked the exact day and time with them. I trust their company and they have been completely honest with me from the beginning. I hope everything will go fine this time as well. Best regards!

  • D. Wong

The moving team of Movers Chelsea were a bit earlier than the estimated time and were extremely polite and hard working upon loading and unloading at our new home. My husband and I are very pleased with their company. They made this day stress free for us. Thank you!

  • A. Venetianer

I booked two men for my office relocation one week ago. Their customer service representative Wendy was polite and efficient. They provided me with all the boxes and did the packing for me, following my instructions. It was a pleasure to work with professionals. Thank you!

  • B. Wakelin

I used ChelseaRemovals for my storage removal as well, and I don't regret it at all. Alan, their rep from the office, was very kind and helpful. He was always available via e-mail or phone. He gave me useful instructions on how to prepare all my stuff. Great services!

  • A. Baris

My husband and I booked Removals recently to move us to Spain and their service was very professional and quick. I would highly recommend this company.

  • G. Ortiz

The movers ChelseaRemovals sent to move me from my old flat to my new house were excellent. They worked very fast trying not to scratch any of my items or walls. It was a pleasant experience to work with experts.

  • I. Fitzpatrick

Removal Company were on time, courteous and respectful. They followed all my instructions and got the job done very fast. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family and would use them again if needed.

  • P. Ahearn

I really like Movers Chelsea' services. They did a fantastic job for me. They provided me with the best service ever for a very reasonable price. I am so happy I chose their company. I am recommending their services to all of you, who are looking for a professional and reliable moving company.

  • T. Brakus

Removals are the best company we have ever deal with. We received excellent services, the three gentlemen they sent us were very friendly and helped us a lot. At the end of our move I just didn't know how to thank them. We will definitely contact your company again. Thank you.

  • F. Richter

This was my second time to hire a moving company and Movers Chelsea was by far more professional and efficient than the previous one that I used. Movers Chelsea gave me a lower price quote as well. Their moving men were polite and very fast. I am 100% recommending this company.

  • P. Savvina

I don't like moving at all, but Movers Chelsea made it an easy experience. I booked my moving time first thing in the morning, 9 am. Since I was the first schedule in the morning they were 10 minutes early. I had 2 men and a truck. I did the packing on my own, so the moving crew concentrated on loading my boxes carefully. I was very satisfied. I strongly recommend their services. There were no hidden costs either.

  • P. Leaney

I have always used Movers for all of my moves. Every time, they are on time and very careful with my belongings. And honest, there were no hidden costs, ever. I recommended them to all of my friends and they were happy with their services as well. Movers is the most reliable company I have ever used.

  • J. Okten

Movers has the best customer support and their team of movers is amazing and very fast. My husband and I did not expect all that, which is why I want to thank them and to apologize to them for waiting on us. I will definitely use your services again.

  • P. Poole

This was my 5th time to use the services of Removal Company and again they did not disappoint me. Their moving men are very efficient and hard working. I will absolutely hire them again.

  • C. Fabbi

Movers Chelsea helped my mum when she had to move into a new flat from her 3 bedroom home that she's lived in for over 20 years. It was definitely a huge job to be done, but the company crew took care of everything. They were very kind and patient. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs movers.

  • G. Emiko

All my things arrived on time. The quote I had received stayed the same. Every time I called Claudia at the office, she was nice and would forward me with the right people. I was nervous sending my stuff with them, but I'm happy all went well. Thank you very much!

  • S. Hogarth

Movers did an exceptional job for me. I highly recommend using this company. The movers are great and very friendly. I will definitely keep using them for any future moves. I am so glad my friends told me about them. Thank you!

  • E. Danett

Removals are the best! They sent me three hard-working movers, who moved my stuff with minimal efforts. They really seemed to be professionals. And I am sure I grabbed a bargain. I wouldn't use anyone else. All the best!

  • Rosalie Ford

I want to send my regards to the whole team of Movers also. My last removal took them more than 6 hours! They packed the whole storage unit and did fantastic work, I highly recommend them based on other movers we have had.

  • A. Summers

Movers offer professional and effective services. It was exactly what I was looking for. I am thrilled with their informative guidance, patience and responsiveness. They should serve as an example for the other companies in this field.

  • T. Allan

Generally, I do not think that when you move you always need to hire a removals company. But when I had to move to another house I realized that I could not do it myself. There were too many things for me to pack. I decided to trust Movers. The result was that the move went smoothly and was stress-free. They did a great job!

  • David Webster

I highly recommend Removals. They arrived on time and were so careful with our furniture and nothing was damaged.

  • K. Dynham

If you need a moving company, use Removal Company. Really nice guys - my husband and I kept trying to help and they were like- "You're not supposed to be doing the work". We are really thankful for the great job.

  • A. Best

I first used ChelseaRemovals when my office was moved and after that for my house removal. They proved that they work efficiently and I am convinced that they offer the highest-quality service possible. Their people definitely know what they are doing.

  • H. Matthews

I used ChelseaRemovals because my friend told me that they are the best in business. I have to admit that my friend was 100% right. I had to move my office as soon as possible and they got the job done for me really quick. The movers were simply the best at what they do. Many thanks.

  • R. Totthill

My moving experience was with Movers Chelsea. The moving crew was friendly and very professional, and the most important for me was that they have arrived on time, I had to do this really quick because of my job. So the guys worked swiftly but carefully. All items were transported really fast with no damages. Many thanks.

  • F. Allington